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ATI Business Group is excited to announce the launch of our newest support service, the GDS Queue Management Service. Offering after-hours support and 24/7 coverage, we bring a dedicated team of experienced travel agents to ensure exceptional service for your clients whilst ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Trust in our exclusive focus on the travel and aviation sectors to redefine travel support for your business.


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Our team oversees and ensures all ticket fulfilment PNRs queued in the GDS systems for ticketing, both fresh issuance and re-issuance, are actioned timely and effectively. This ensures that any urgent items or critical bookings are promptly attended to, allowing you to have a worry-free experience even when your office is closed. You can trust us to handle time-sensitive tasks efficiently and effectively.

Fresh Issuance

Effective handling of new tickets issuance that are queued in the GDS are actioned within required timeline, ensuring prompt action and accurate execution whilst minimising any disruption to your clients' travel plans.


In cases of emergencies or changes in your clients' travel plans, our dedicated team is always ready to assist on ticket re-issuance in their time of need. Ticket re-issuance are actioned promptly, ensuring accurate execution and effective handling to ensure a smooth travel journey.

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