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Contract Loading

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Fare Filling and Contract Loading provide both air and land fare filling by teams with extensive experience and expertise across multiple GDS and proprietary systems. Our teams are supported by our proprietary technology and quality assurance systems


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Fare Filling

Our highly skilled team assists airline clients to file and redistribute published, negotiated and private fares in the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) system.

Multi GDS
Fare Filling

Our web-based multi-GDS fare loading tool enables ATI to provide accurate and rapid loading of private fares for its clients. Having the right airfare at the right time is essential for any travel agency business. Additionally, ATI provides a unique benefit with full insurance coverage on Agency Debit Memos.

Hotel &
Tour Loading

We help you track and account hotel commissions owed to your business from any hotel around the world that you have done business with. We provide a cost-effective and efficient service due to our scale and automated processes.


Our service will help you with any contract and content loading needs for cruise package inventory. With ATI proprietary technology and automation tools, we manage to increase efficiency and reduce high-rated risk of errors from the usual manual processes.

Inventory / Room

We help to monitor and manage allotted rooms avaibility from suppliers based on the agreed contracts by analysing hotel room inventory and rates on regular basis. We make adjustments in anticipation of peaks in demand.

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