Fare Filling Americano

Fare Filing Americano is a web-based fare loading tool that enables travel agents to provide accurate and rapid loading of fares across multiple GDS. Our state of the art system is connected to the GDS agency fare loading tools via API– XML schema. Americano is developed to address the unique challenges for multi-GDS travel agencies and markets which helps you access and distribute fares across multiple GDS efficiently, within a single loading request.

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Why Fare Filling Americano?

Multi GDS Fare Loading

Americano allows you to accelerate mass fare loading and distribution processes within one single loading request via API– XML schema. Americano is specially developed to address the unique challenges for multi-GDS travel agency businesses.

Automation for Maximised Efficiency

Equipped with a fare sheet scanner feature, Americano enables you to automatically scan fare sheets to your database without manual input, cutting significant hours off your day-to-day work. With a more efficient process, you’re able to free up more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Publishing Fare Accurately

Fare Filing Americano provides a preview to analyse, display and check if there are any fare discrepancies between user's input and fare contract from airlines. This allows you to make fare corrections before fare distribution, ensuring minimal risk of expensive ADM’s (Agency Debit Memo) if fares are not loaded correctly.

Fare Filing Americano Features

Multi-GDS Connectivity
Enables fare loading and distribution of fares to multiple GDS using their API with a single request.
Standard Type Contract Loading
Allows manual input of fares and fare rules, which are then distributed to specific PCCs.
Discounted Type Contract Loading
Allows override of airline’s published airfares into discounted fares, which are then distributed to specific PCC.
PCC Management
Maintain credentials and role-based access to Fare Filing Americano.
Contracts/Fare Sheets management
Maintain contracts/fare sheets in a database for updates or duplications into new contracts.
Auto Fares correction
Before fares are published, Americano gives adisplay to ensure there are no discrepancies between user’s input and airlines’ original contract.
Fare Sheet Scanner
Enables automatic input of fare sheet using scanner to Americano database without manual input.

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