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With a track record of success, ATI’s experienced team understands the world in which you operate, as we have thousands of years of combined travel experience. Our range of industry-specific services and products have resulted in a track record of success for our multinational Travel & Aviation clients.

ATI's Services

What attracts and retains our customer base is our proven quality and speed of service. ATI provides a wide range of business process outsourcing services (BPO services) with utmost efficiency and accuracy for our multinational clients.

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ATI's Products

ATI’s products are designed and delivered by experienced travel & technology experts who understand the needs of organisations, including industry-specific requirements. Our products enable clients from all over the globe to benefit from increased productivity and efficiency across business processes.

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Ticketing and Refund Processing

Tracking thousands of ticket status and changes are time-consuming. Flight schedules are bound to change unpredictably, and due to the rapid pace of the travel and aviation industry, there is a very high chance that valid tickets are being left unused.

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ATI IROPS services are designed to provide immediate assistance and valuable support to your customers to get through any occurring irregular operations. Our team preempts the domino effect of a flight change or disruption and delivers enhanced passenger satisfaction and experience by providing faster resolution to their booking, ticketing queries, and other process management needed.

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Queue Management

ATI Business Group is excited to announce the launch of our newest support service, the GDS Queue Monitoring and Ticketing Fulfilment Service. Offering after-hours support and 24/7 coverage, we bring a dedicated team of experienced travel agents to ensure exceptional service for your clients whilst ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Trust in our exclusive focus on the travel and aviation sectors to redefine travel support for your business.

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Finance & Accounting Support

ATI’s Finance and Accounting Services are here to support the needs for finance support of our clients. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Services such as Record to Report, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Travel and Expense.

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24/7 Support Service

ATI Business Group has launched its latest support service for the Travel Industry. We understand the importance of providing exceptional service to your clients, even outside of regular business hours. With our advanced workflow technology platform and dedicated team of experienced travel agents, we will provide comprehensive support for your clients urgent requests, ensuring seamless communication and outstanding customer service.

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Online Payment for Agents (OPA)

Online Payment for Agents (OPA) is a web-based portal that allows for fast, easy and secured payment for airlines and their network of travel agents. OPA removes the need for any payment intermediaries such as BSP.

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