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Our Finance and Accounting Services are here to support the ever-expanding role of the finance teams of our clients. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Services such as Record to Report, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Travel and Expense.


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We provide account payable service to help you receive, verify, audit, and process updated invoices effectively for your supplier’s payments on schedule.


Our team prepare receivable statements to ensure you obtain the invoice funds owed to the firm for the services that have been rendered. We provide detailed analysis, including the measurement of the average collection period for a firm’s receivable balances over a specified period

Financial Reporting
& Analysis

Our financial analysis team will work with you to answer your questions on all aspects of your company’s financial activities, giving you an accurate and comprehensive snapshot of your strategic and operational metrics to make decisions and take informed action.

Hotel Commission

We help you track and account hotel commissions owed to your business from any hotel around the world that you have done business with. We provide a cost effective and efficient service due to our scale and automated processes

Bank / General

We help you match your balances on your current database to the corresponding amount on your bank statement for your accounting records. In turn we minimize and resolve any miscalculation and help identify forged transactions.

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