ATI Business Group develop a workflow management tool exclusive for Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG).
Workflow Management Tool is an application that helps Oasis operating system to be simpler and more efficient for the ticketing personnel. It manages to categorize ticket types based on FCTG’s custom preference. ATI Business Group exclusively develop this tool for FCTG with the goal to ensure greater control over selection of tickets that are issued whilst maintaining sonic performance that will not affect turnaround time to agents and workload to the ticketing center’s personnel.

The long-established synergy between ATI Business Group and Flight Centre Travel Group were first started in 2010, where ATI assist FCTG in fare loading-fare filing process. It then grew into a formidable partnership where to date, ATI is continue to assist FCTG in most of their business processes such: finance and accounting, land travel distribution, business IT development, ticketing, and refund operations support.

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ATI Business Group enters Japanese market by providing airfare loading – fare filing service to DeNA Travel.

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