Track Customer’s Unused Tickets: A Necessity for Travel Agents
Travels can sometimes be-- unpredictable. Flight schedules may change unexpectedly with irregular operations with the airlines or unforeseen personal events. These events may lead to tickets being left unused. 

Due to increasingly complex airline-specific conditions, it can be an administrative burden and a very labour-intensive process. The complicated and lengthy process can detract you from new sales or even impose additional costs from errors and inaccuracy. We’re here to give you an effective solution for this matter.

Ticket Tracking Service

Our ticket tracking service enables us to help you- travel agents - to track down any refundable components by filtering and collecting all unused airline tickets before their expiration date according to your specific criteria.  

We will help you monitor your customer’s ticket status and validity directly from multiple GDSs and provide detailed reporting on successfully processed tickets according to each airline's specific rules and regulations. 

So, what exactly will we do for you?

1. Monitor Passenger’s Ticket Status

Tracking thousands of tickets lodged is time-consuming; let us take this burden away from you.

Our system is connected to the industry’s standard GDSs. With the help of our proprietary technology, we’re able to track and filter unused tickets that are eligible for a refund effectively. Our primary focus is to keep a lookout for unused tickets in the system before the ticket’s expiration date.

2. Review Airline’s Rules and Regulations

It all depends on the complex airline’s rules and regulations. Especially with thousands of tickets to issue, you must adjust accordingly. You may be overwhelmed by all the travel uncertainties that have been going on, but we can also help you. After our system helps filter out any unused tickets that have not yet expired- we now know that they are most likely eligible for a refund. 

We can help you review and confirm this matter with specified airlines. Keep in mind that certain airlines may not include any refund policy. Travel agents need to be careful when issuing a refund, or you may end up receiving Agency Debit Memo (ADM) from airlines that don’t include any refund policy.

3. Provide You with Accurate Daily Reporting 

From here, we will send you daily reports based on the data shown in the system that highlights unused tickets that are eligible for a refund based on their validity, status, and the complex airline’s rules and regulations. We make sure all eligible unused tickets are notified to you D-7 before their expiration date so you can proceed with your refund process.

Ticket Refund Service

Refunds can be a tricky business. Although you might already have your refund processes covered, we can help you to make sure your operations run smoothly and efficiently, and you can focus on new sales instead.

Our Ticket Refund Service is able to help you process refund requests quickly and efficiently following the increasingly complex airline-specific conditions. Our services also provide the ability to refund eligible components such as taxes of unused airline tickets before they expire, which will be your new source of revenue. 

Whether it would be a refund for you or your passengers, our proprietary technology and a team of travel veterans allow us to deliver effective and accurate results for you.

With the challenges faced by the global pandemic, this has been our busiest service so far. Nonetheless, we have managed to process over 200,000 refunds for our clients over the last eighteen months.

Why do you need ticket tracking and refund services?

Not only will it increase your operational efficiency, meaning you can focus on your new sales, our services will also help your customers build an exceptional customer experience with you. Tracking your customer’s unused tickets and assisting them with a convenient refund process will provide them with significant travel expense savings, which is often overlooked but will be very valuable.

How can ATI help you?

Our ticket tracking and refund services will provide significant value for you and your clients. With our travel veterans and proprietary technology, we are able to offer you a solution to complete this work so you can focus on your primary tasks and improve your operational flow.

Feel free to find out more or drop your question about our Ticket Tracking and Ticket Refund Service and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or check out all of our offerings here. 

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