The Importance of Airfare Audits in Travel Agencies

The travel industry is a dynamic and fast-paced sector, and one essential aspect of Travel Agency operations is fare auditing—the process of reviewing contract rates and fares to ensure correct fares are loaded into the GDS. Whilst simple, fare monitoring and audit is crucial and aids to prevent unnoticed loss for both Travel Agencies and the end-clients.

The volume of airline fares alone, such as an origin–destination city pair path, can have as many as 100 different fares for a single airline at any given time. Airlines can also change restrictions of as many as 100,000 fares in a single day, making incorrect fares to be a potential financial risk often overlooked. Knowing the volume and importance of the fare audit process, which involves repetitive tasks, Travel Agencies have the option of utilising third party or outsourcing organisations especially to maintain factors such as follows:

1. Ensure accuracy and consistency

Conducting regular fare audits avoids providing fare errors to Travel Agencies clients, ensures pricing information is accurate and consistent with the prices offered and negotiated with airlines. 

2. Avoid Customer Dissatisfaction

It’s definitely not pleasing for your clients to realise they have been overcharged when an agreed contract rate is in place. Fare audits ensure and help Travel Agencies maintain trust and confidence from their clients through fare accuracy. 

3. Manage profitability

Fare audits help identify any discrepancies in negotiated deals and address them before becoming a larger issue. Not only do your clients get the right pricing, you could also avoid financial losses from incorrect fare issues.

ATI’s Fare & Rate Audit Service

Did you know that potentially over 40% of your fares may have undetected errors? With ATI’s team of experienced professionals, we have a 100% Fare Auditing accuracy rate under our belt. ATI’s Fare Audit service ensures consistency and accuracy, avoiding any client dissatisfaction and unnecessary losses for Travel Agencies. Our teams’ extensive experience combined with our proprietary workflow management tools, provides a cost-effective and accurate solution to complete the large volumes of fare audits on a timely basis through multiple GDS and proprietary systems. 

About ATI

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, ATI has grown to be one of the largest singular business process outsourcing providers for the Travel and Aviation industry.   We help various multinational organisations grow and accelerate their business process by providing integrated Technology and Digital Services & Solutions. 

By comprehensively investing in our team and utilising the combination of both human and digital Intelligence, ATI has become a preferred partner of various globally recognised brands in the industry. Click here to know more about our Fare and Rate Auditing service, and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us

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