Maximise Airline Revenue by Managing Fares Efficiently
Making the right decision in terms of pricing is crucial for any airline, especially when these decisions lead to maximisation of incoming revenue. To determine air fares and pricing, airlines need to be constantly updated with the nuances of current market demand, competitor strategy, passenger behaviour and all other related factors. 

On top of these various factors to look out for, distribution and management of these fares also has various limitations due to complex workflows, dynamic airline-specific conditions, fares rules and other external factors.

Introducing the Fare Management Platform from ATI

ATI Business Group has created FMP, a Fare Management Platform, which is a solution to help airlines provide attractive and best possible pricing for the right customers at the right times. ATI’s FMP enables you to efficiently execute critical functions pertaining to fares and pricing management and distribution.

What are the benefits of a Fare Management Platform?

1. Integrated efficient workflow

With FMP, your airline can simplify the fare pricing management and distribution process with an integrated workflow that allows you to create, distribute, and monitor airfares quickly and accurately between internal offices within a single system. Providing you with seamless integration between fare analysis and workflow management features to perform price benchmarking, fare management functions and then automatically distribute fares to ATPCO with a systematic workflow, enabling shorter time-to-market. 

2. Competitive Market Pricing Insights

Knowing there are various ranges of factors to consider when making pricing decisions, FMP helps your decision making process by having customisable data feeds from various subscription and manual inputs. With this feature, you have access to comprehensive insight of competitors' monitoring, enabling you to perform a price benchmarking strategy to ensure dynamic pricing is implemented.

How can ATI’s Fare Management Platform maximise your potential revenue?

Smart automation and integrated workflow features in ATI's FMP help improve internal efficiency by simplifying the negotiation and review stages of fare management and distribution within a single system. Not only are employees able to work more efficiently, training sessions would also be significantly simplified, maximising your organisation’s operational efficiency. With custom-developed features such as automation of work orders, targeted competition monitoring, and customisable data feeds, airlines are equipped with comprehensive insights to determine pricing strategically. Increasing operational efficiency within the organisation and integrating dynamic pricing strategy, FMP understands your needs and ensures maximisation of potential revenue within your fare management processes.

To learn more about our Fare Management Platform, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or learn more about all of our offerings here

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