Enhanced Passenger-centric Solutions to Airline Disruption Management (IROPS)

With the surge of travel demand since the lifting of most countries’ pandemic restrictions, the severe chaos in the aviation sector is undeniable and inevitable. According to FlightAware tracking data, airports around the world were already tallying more than 10,000 flight delays and 1,700 cancellations. Nearly four in five travellers (79%) who have taken an overnight trip outside their local area this year, according to a new Bankrate.com survey, have experienced at least one travel-related issue. Issues currently faced by customers and aviation providers include high prices (57%), long waits (29%), poor customer service (27%), hard-to-find availability (26%), lost money due to cancelled or disrupted plans (14%) or something else (4%).

Why Are Flights Being Cancelled?

There’s no single cause for this year’s flight cancellations. Instead, it’s an unfortunate storm of compounding factors. Airlines are stretched to their limits, scheduling as many flights as possible to meet pent-up demand from the past few years. However, after the dramatic decrease in crew members during the pandemic or losing them for other reasons, there is no denying airlines are short-staffed and need time to readjust to the demand. Delayed flights caused by air traffic control and staff shortages can lead to significant cancellations.

Manage Any Disruptions With IROPS

Although the need to reacclimate to sudden changes in demand is inevitable, changes to flight schedules, last-minute flight delays and cancellations are the biggest cause of inconvenience and dissatisfaction for air travellers. These disruptions not only cause revenue loss to airlines but also the cost of lost productivity to supporting industries such as hotels, business services, and tourism. This is where the role of Airline disruption management becomes crucial for the Airline's business processes.

ATI IROPS services are designed to provide immediate assistance and support to your customers to get through any occurring irregular operations. Our team preempts the domino effect of a flight change or disruption, and delivers enhanced passenger satisfaction and experience by providing faster resolution to their booking, ticketing queries, and other process management needed.

How Can ATI Help You?

Supported by technology and our experienced team, we validate airline schedule changes on multiple GDS or any airline reservation systems and ensure passengers receive their notification immediately through email, outbound calls, app push notification, SMS or combinations of all of these when flight delays or cancellations occur. Our team proactively proposes alternative flight schedules to affected passengers, necessitating further corrective control actions to restore order to schedules - even issuing of ticket changes should a passenger request a flight reroute. For passengers whose flights are affected by the occurring irregular operations and do not wish to proceed on their journey, we can help assist with refund processes according to the relevant airline’s rules and conditions.

Using technology to do the groundwork in empowering passengers with transparency and choices, help ensure positive passenger sentiment. However, we also understand technology cannot curtail the entire management of irregular operations. Hence, a passenger-centric approach which ATI offers enables airlines to ensure optimal customer service experience, building the kind of loyalty that will impact long-term value and revenue. To learn more about our IROPS service, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or learn more about all of our offerings here.  

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