E-Ticket Manager System: The Effective Solution for Air Tickets Management
Do you remember the days of old paper airline tickets? Where arrival at the airport needs to be 2 to 3 hours in advance to check in and get a boarding pass printed just for a simple domestic flight? Evidently, the check -in process could take twice the time needed to get to a destination. Nowadays, airline tickets are generated as soon as travellers book their tickets, downloaded on their mobile phones and emailed to traveller’s convenience. Offering many advantages which include security, flexibility, cost, and convenience, e-tickets are significantly cheaper, making it possible for airlines to offer more competitive fares for travellers. E-tickets are booked and processed in real-time, saving labour hours and cutting down on travellers' frustration. With its convenience, the travel and aviation industry is able to continue on its fast paced growth without any hindrance to unnecessary technicalities. 

However, with its simplicity and convenience, there are certain complexities that come with e-tickets. One of the main problems is flight rescheduling, especially with the pandemic and constant changes in border regulations. Flight schedules are bound to change unpredictably, and due to the rapid pace of the travel and aviation industry, there is a very high chance that  valid tickets are being left unused. Although regarded as a common unfortunate issue, unused air tickets could actually be exchanged and utilised - eventually optimising your margin and bottom line.  ATI Business Group has tailored a tool that can help you track down and collect refundable components of unused airline tickets before expiration, called the E-Ticket Manager System. 

Our  E-Ticket Manager System can be defined as a web-based multi-GDS application that can act as middleware, providing raw data from GDS in excel format to help you track down and collect customers’ unused tickets that are eligible for refund before the tickets expire. The ATI’s E-Ticket Manager System is specially designed to help e-ticket refund processes be done faster and more efficiently amidst the increasingly complex airline-specific conditions. The E-Ticket Manager System helps you manage the following processes:

    1. Monitor passenger’s ticket status

Monitoring and extracting thousands of tickets' status is time-consuming. Our e-ticket manager system is connected to all the industry’s standard GDS. With the help of our proprietary and cutting edge technology, now you are able to track and filter unused tickets that are eligible for a refund effectively. 

    2. Accurate daily reporting

The E-Ticket Manager System automatically updates ticket information status every night. The data shown in the system can help you retrieve unused tickets that are eligible for a refund based on their validity, status, and the complex airline’s rules and regulations - ensuring accurate daily reporting for your operational needs.

    3. Flexible status update on demand

Understanding that changes in travel plans can occur at any time - even in just a matter of minutes, our E-Ticket Manager System is designed to keep up with these changes. Aside from automatic updates that occur every night, you can manually sync and get live updates to track ticket status data in real-time. 

In conclusion, the E-Ticket Management System is specifically designed to increase operational efficiency in Travel and Aviation processes through a simple and easy-to-use application. Nonetheless, the ultimate benefit in using ATI’s E-Ticket Management System features is the ability for you to monitor and manage E-Ticket refunds effectively before its expiration - optimising you and your clients’ margins.

To learn more about our e-ticket manager system, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or learn more about all of our offerings here

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