ATI's Queue Monitoring and Ticketing Service: Every Travel Agent's Need for Elevated Ticketing Experiences

In the dynamic landscape of the travel industry, where global connectivity and client expectations are constantly evolving, the demand for efficient and responsive ticketing services has never been more critical. Travel agents, as the orchestrators of unforgettable journeys, find themselves in a realm where the need for 24/7 ticketing support is paramount. 

For companies and travel agents navigating the complexities of the modern travel ecosystem, the quest for a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations is ongoing. The challenges of handling ticketing issues, especially in the context of urgent requests and after-hours support, have become a common pain point.

ATI Business Group steps into this arena, poised to redefine the standards of service in the ticketing landscape with our dedicated focus on addressing the unique needs of travel agents. Backed by a commitment to 24/7 coverage, the Queue Monitoring and Ticketing Fulfilment Service includes:

Queue Monitoring

Our experienced travel expert team oversees and ensures all ticket fulfilment PNRs queued in the GDS systems for ticketing, both fresh issuance and reissuance, are actioned timely and effectively. 

Ticketing Fresh Issuance

We ensure the timely and accurate issuance of new tickets queued in the GDS, meeting required timelines. This effective handling minimises disruptions to your clients' travel plans, guaranteeing prompt action and precise execution.

Ticketing Reissue

In cases of emergencies or changes in your clients' travel plans, ticket re-issuances are promptly actioned, ensuring accurate execution and effective handling for a smooth travel journey and exceptional customer experience.

Why ATI?

Empowered by our skilled team of seasoned travel professionals and cutting-edge proprietary technology, ATI has positioned itself as the premier Business Process Outsourcing provider in the dynamic Travel & Aviation sector. With various multinational travel clients and years of experience under our belt, ATI is the right partner for optimal efficiency and business growth.

Find out more about our Queue Monitoring & Ticketing Fulfilment Service and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or check out all of our offerings here. 

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