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Content Management Systems provide the technology for storing, distributing and selling rich travel content but they require specialist skills for efficient loading of contracts, amendments, special offers, website content and management of hotel and tour operator rates

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ATI Contract and Content Services is the application of our teams' extensive experience and expertise in utilizing these various systems to deliver cost-effective and scalable solution for our customers. 

The service is designed for tour operators, travel agents, destination management companies and travel wholesalers who need scalable seasonal support to load their content or who are seeking a total business process management service provider to take care of all their needs in this specialist area.  We provide a more cost effective and efficient service than doing it yourself due to our scale, automated processes and global experience in doing this work many times in many different applications.  

ATI Business Group is one of the largest Business Process Services providers in the travel sector.  We have extensive experience and provide best-in-class business process services.  We have gained a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges in managing contract and content loading.  

We offer flexible and simple pricing models based on transactional pricing or monthly labour rates.  

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We commit to service level
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ATI has loaded more than 10
million fares and incurred 155
ADM errors giving 99.99%
accuracy. Cost to our
customers $0.00  with our
ADM guarantee.

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Global Outreach

We know and understand the
Travel and Aviation sector -
that’s all we serve. ATI’s team
of thousands of travel
professionals services it’s
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from its 6 delivery centers to
over 20 countries.






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With only a 10% annualised
turnover, our customers are
assured of continuity of
service and an in-depth
understanding of their
business by the team
that works with them every day.



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Over 64% of ATI people have
stayed with us for more than 5
years. Over 79% of ATI people
have stayed with us for more
than 3 years.

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