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Multi GDS Fare Filling

We understand that speed-to-market and accuracy are critical compontents in fare management. W e assist airlines and travel agencies in loading fare contracts onto the ATPCO , Galileo , Sabre and Amadeus systems.

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Having the right airfare at the right time to travel consultants is essential for any travelagency business.The loading and distribution of these fares has become increasingly comple x and time consumin g to fulfil

The service provides significant value to all travel agency businesses and for those that need their fares distributed across multiple GDS. We provide a unique benefit with full insurance coverage on Agency Debit Memos.

Using our own proprietary technology with Americano, our fare filing team also possess an in-depth understanding of the complexities of airline rules and regulations. All our team members have completed ticketing certification training and have a minimum of three years experience in either an airline or travel agent before they can join us

This combination of industry expertise and technology has enabled ATI to load over 10 million airfares with greater than 99.9% accuracy since 2010.

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