ATI Business Group on the Forbes list of “20 Rising Global Stars”

May 8th, 2017

For the second year in a row, ATI Business Group (“ATI”) has been featured in Forbes Indonesia publication amongst the list of “20 Rising Global Stars” in Indonesia.  ATI has been recognized as one of the companies which are at the forefront of creating world-class brands.  To put things in some perspectives, ATI has within the past 9 months' time absorbed an additional 150 talented white-collared Indonesian full-time labor force.  At about 500 employees in mid-2016, ATI is now at 660 full-time employees and looking to expand by another 100 full-time employees within the next two quarters of this year.  ATI's growth in workforce number is no less due to the company’s ability in capitalizing on capabilities to increase its business at an 80% CAGR; with the main drivers of expansion of services in global markets such as South Korea, USA, Japan and Australia. 

Within the first quarter of this year alone, ATI capabilities in fare loading services have brought about considerable success in these important events across Indonesia: i) Singapore Airlines (SQ) BCA Travel Fair; ii) Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair (GATF); and iii) ASTINDO Travel Fair.  On the heels of these successes, ATI has also become an official business partner of Expedia Inc.—the world’s second largest in the online travel (OTA) sector—in providing airline fare loading services as of April 2017.

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