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Travel plans often change unexpectedly at the best of times. In our current pandemic travel world even more so. What was difficult enough in processing complex refunds and keeping track of expiring coupons has become noticeably more difficult with airlines issuing credit notes and even a “partial credit note” rather than cash when a credit note is used to purchase a lower fare.  As a result, every day large volumes of airline tickets still eligible for a refund are expiring and that is a missed opportunity as a travel advisor for both you and your clients.   

Providing a tracking service for your client’s unused tickets can provide a new revenue stream if you haven’t offered this service in the past as well as contributing to improved customer satisfaction.  It can, however, be quite an administrative burden and a very labour intensive process due to increasingly complex airline-specific conditions.   

At ATI we have been helping our clients in this area for quite a while now and during the early stages of the global pandemic, it was the busiest part of our service offering!  We have been focused on further enhancing our technology and services in this area and have processed over 200,000 refunds for our clients over the last eighteen months.  

Thankfully we can offer a solution to travel agencies to complete this work for them so that they can focus on new sales and earn revenue from refunds rather than imposing additional costs on themselves.   

Introducing E-Ticket Refund Manager

E-Ticket Refund Manager is a web-based multi GDS application that enables us to help travel agents track down, filter, and collect all unused airline tickets before their expiration date according to our client’s specific criteria.  

The application allows our clients to watch passengers’ ticket status directly from the GDS and provide detailed reporting on successfully processed refunds according to each airline carrier's specific rules and regulations.  

Find out how we can help you; here’s what you need to know about the E-Ticket Refund Manager platform:

1. Track down unused tickets

We’re aware of how complex refund processes can be. They are time-consuming and detract you from new sales activities. The system connects to the industry standard GDSs, which helps travel agents track down passenger’s ticket status accurately from the distribution system.

Our primary focus is to monitor unused tickets within the ticket’s validity period and advise our travel agent customers before the expiration date. 

2. Data reporting is made easy.

Travel agents can focus on the primary sales activities and leave any ticket tracking matter to us. We can help you analyse and filter large volumes of tickets and monitor your passenger’s ticket conditions. 

We help load the ticket data for you and notify you if any tickets are eligible for a refund to ensure no coupons are left unused.

3. An additional revenue stream opportunity

Keeping track of and processing refunds for unused tickets is certainly a service fee opportunity, this can be in the form of a flat transaction fee or a percentage of the unused coupon value.  Additionally, our E-Ticket Refund Manager can track and refund the tax component on non-refundable tickets which typically are never claimed.  

Why do travel agents need an E-Ticket Refund Manager?

E-Ticket Refund Manager provides significant value to both travel agencies and their clients.  It increases operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Tracking unused coupons provides for a new revenue stream and a significant travel expense saving for your customers. 

If you want to know more about E-Ticket Refund Manager, don’t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to drop your questions here or check out all of our offerings here.

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