The Need for Digital Transformation in Aviation

Digital transformation continues to be a vital undertaking for airlines during this recovery period. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), total industry losses between 2020 and 2022 are expected to reach $201 billion. As a result, technology developments are continuously leveraged not only to optimise operations, but also to drive revenue and long-term growth.

Often unseen from the public, airline processes are complex and intricate which makes the shift easier said than done. Tasks such as managing irregular operations, determining optimal fare pricing and payment processes are some examples of complex airline procedures.

How can ATI help you?

In the travel and aviation industry,  applying digital transformation involves deep understanding of the core organisational challenges. Choosing an experienced business partner who understands the company’s needs is vital to compete in this ever-changing environment and create sustainable growth. With 20 years of experience in the travel and aviation industry, ATI has developed several proprietary technology applications, backed with teams of industry experts to provide you an effective solution for sustainable organisational growth.

Assist in Managing Flight Disruptions

Flight disruption has become a constant in the aviation industry, and providing high quality customer service in these difficult times is never easy.  Meanwhile, timely flights and smooth passenger journeys are critical factors in service excellence. ATI’s IROPS is an opportunity for airlines to drive customer satisfaction, designed to provide immediate assistance and valuable support to your customers to get through any occurring irregular operation. Our team manages scheduled and unscheduled disruptions 24/7 for faster resolution to their booking, ticketing queries, and other process management needs such as service recovery validation and ticket refunds. Focusing on passenger-centric support, ATI’s IROPS service helps airlines retain revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and drive operational efficiencies.

Managing Fares Effectively with Integrated Workflow and Smart Automation

We understand that in order to determine air fares and pricing, airlines need to be constantly updated with the nuances of current market demand, competitor strategy, passenger behaviour and all other related factors. ATI’s Fare Management Platform, FMP solution, has a customised data feed feature which ensures you have all the data you need to determine the best pricing strategy for your routes. Equipped with smart automation and integrated workflow features, FMP also helps improve internal efficiency by simplifying the negotiation and review stages of internal fare management and subsequent distribution within a single system. Not only are employees able to work more efficiently,  the best pricing strategy is able to be implemented to ensure maximised airline revenue.

Integrated Airline’s Payment Systems for Optimised Operations

Payment processing between airlines and travel agents hasn’t changed much since the introduction of the BSP and ARC payment settlement plans. With the need for faster payment confirmation at the time of booking and flexible payment options, ATI developed a solution called Online Payment for Agents (OPA) which provides a web-based portal that works as a payment landing page connecting both the Global Distribution Systems (GDS)  and a variety of online-based payment systems. This integrated solution facilitates a wide variety of payment options through direct connections or highly-secured payment gateways. By focusing only on the essential needs for the payment to be made, processing time can be significantly minimised and unnecessary costs, such as deposits and bank guarantees, can be avoided to help airlines improve their cash flow.

Ultimately, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for organisations to implement digital transformation, these are only some examples of the strategies that could be implemented. Working with technology partners such as ATI, who have implemented these solutions on multiple cases and understands underlying requirements to solve issues common across large, complex, enterprise organisations, means there are easier alternatives than trying to do it all yourself. Learn more on how ATI could help your organisation on

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